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Traxxas XO-1 Review

RC Car Maker, Traxxas claims its XO-1 is the quickest ready-to-run, electric RC Car. Traxxas says the XO-1 can ride 60 mph in 2.3 seconds and top 100 mph. Such super-fast models traditionally require detailed assembly and separate powertrains and electronics. The Traxxas XO-1  is complete out of the box, including a Traxxas/Castle brushless-electric motor […]

Traxxas X Maxx

Attention all X-Maxx owners! Traxxas is taking the amazing truck you love to a whole new level of speed and performance with the X-Maxx 8s Power-Up®. Traxxas engineers tossed conventional thinking out the window to bring loyal X-Maxx owners the most powerful Traxxas system ever developed for a powerful racing vehicle. The Traxxas kit starts […]

Roof Replacement Company in Canton, Ga

Shingle Replacement Costs Here is the short version to that question; between $195 – $395 per sq per 100 square foot area, now we’ll go into more information on this is determined. Homeowners across the country often ask, “what is the cost range to replace my roof?” This is a great question as there are a variety of […]

Filter Press Manufacturers

Universal Pumping and Filtration Solutions is staffed with industry professionals with 10- 35 years experience with high pressure pumping systems. We represent only the “elite producers” in pump manufacturing: Britain’s EMS and Germany’s EMMERICH. Our engineering and manufacturing approach is conservative, and we do not use “guess work” in the design or sales of our […]

Canton, GA Pool Maintenance Company

Pool Maintenance Tips Having a pool is a great way to get in some leisurely summer fun with your family and friends. Although having a pool can be tons of fun for you and your loved ones, it can be a huge responsibility. The key to keeping your pool looking great all summer long with […]

Custom Pool Builders

Atlanta Custom Pool Builder Not Bragging, but this one is my favorite! This article may seem a little salesy, but these guys really know what they are doing. I am putting this on my blog to help them get some exposure that a quality craftsman like Brandon Lenzen deserves! Luxe Land Design and builds backyard […]