Canton, GA Pool Maintenance Company

Pool Maintenance Tips

Having a pool is a great way to get in some leisurely summer fun with your family and friends. Although having a pool can be tons of fun for you and your loved ones, it can be a huge responsibility. The key to keeping your pool looking great all summer long with minimal stress and hassle is regular maintenance. There are some easy steps you can take to maximize your summer fun and minimize your work.
Easy Pool Maintenance Tips-
-Skim the pool’s surface by hand every few days
-Clean out the strainer baskets at least once a week
-Vacuum your pool once a week
-Regularly brush the walls and tile to help prevent algae buildup and calcium deposits
-Keep the water levels above the skimmer
– Test your pool’s pH balance reguarly
We recommend using a Canton, GA Pool Maintenance Company to care for all of your swimming pool maintenance needs!
We hope our easy pool maintenance tips will help you enjoy a clean, pristine pool all summer.