Divorce Attorneys

What is the difference between a Family Law Attorney and a Divorce Attorney ?

A family law attorney or divorce lawyer is an attorney that has specialized in the practice of family law. They traditionally have had specialized legal training that includes the studies of family law related topics. Attorneys in general tend to specialize in one or several legal practice areas. This is why when looking for an attorney you would want to find one that has specialized in the legal field that you are looking for legal representation.

Divorce Attorneys

Divorce attorneys tend to specialize in contested or uncontested divorce cases. This however is not the only divorce situation that can play a factor in the negotiation of a divorce. In fact, some attorneys specialize in high net worth divorce cases. There is typically a lot more in play and at stake when here are complex assets involved in a divorce. Couples that have less assets tend to be easier to execute as long as child custody can be negotiated without ongoing custody disputes.Family Law Attorneys

More divorce factors to consider is child custody. How many do they parents have, is there suspected abuse to the child and to the spouse, are the parents suitable to be custodians of their children, is there a history of drug and alcohol abuse… These are all questions that need to be raised when a divorce attorneys starts to review your divorce case.

Are there pets? However silly that statement may sound, many couples spend countless hours trying to determine who gets what visitation right and when.

To sum up family law and divorce, it is a very complicated and emotional legal issue that needs to be handled with great care and competence. When searching for your divorce attorney be sure to find one that specializes in the family law and divorce, has great reviews and has a relationship with local attorneys and court systems.